There’s a lot that can go wrong with a  PA System. Here’s a few tips for the ‘big stuff’. Those things that we’re afraid of, that make loud noises and scare us to death. Not all problems are that way, some are just little annoying things; annoying enough to disturb a church service. Here’s a (…more)


Rhythm is the most fundamental element in every style and genre of music, the heartbeat of the song. However simple it might be, you must have it; clapping hands, a tambourine, or even singing. Multitrack Demonstration During the NTCC Spring Conference 2010 in Graham, WA, we hosted a musical workshop called “Mastering your Music”. During (…more)


Crossovers Crossovers separate frequencies and sends their signals to the proper speakers. In other words, bass frequencies are sent to the subwoofers, midrange and high frequencies to the other speakers, etc. Full range speakers produce all frequencies and don’t need crossovers. Few people need subwoofers, delays or crossovers in small buildings and small PA Systems. (…more)