Output devices send audio signals out ! An audio device such as a mixer or amplifier, receives audio signals at its inputs and then, when it has done its job, it sends the signal out. The signals go through the mixer’s pre-amps, (since they aren’t very strong signals) then they are processed by the EQ section (for tonal adjustment) and routed to the outputs.


The mixer receives all the audio signals from your assorted microphones and equipment, and mixes those signals into one stereo signal for output to amplifiers and speakers. It also enables you to copy and re-route the signal to various places, like monitor speakers, headphones, or wherever you need it. The better your mixer, the more channels and flexibility it provides. A mixer is like the Headquarters; the central nervous system of your sound setup. It’s actually a router of sorts, or a traffic control device you might say.

Most equipment has both input and output